Topic 1 Introduction

In the era of the popularity and universality of social media, mobile applications and other easily accessible sources of stimuli, getting students fully engaged in the classroom or different educational environments can be challenging. Competing with a computer or smartphone for the student’s attention is therefore a real challenge, in which punishing the student is not the right solution. In this situation, students will, at most, treat your lessons as a necessary evil and sit like robots, counting the seconds until the end of the lesson.

What can you do as a youth worker to engage students more in the lesson? The right approach is to use the activities they like the most and use them cleverly in the teaching process. In this unit, we have prepared ideas that can be incorporated into various lesson plans and make students enjoy them and remember more. The second goal of this unit is to show the simplest ways to keep young people interested in the subject of classes by linking it to their interests.