Topic 2 Ways to Benefit from Special Offers

A strategy that includes special offers when used well will significantly increase your chances of achieving your goals, build your brand reputation, increase your revenue and strengthen your customers’ trust.

Special offers can be used effectively with the ways described below:

->Revenue Targeted

The way special offers will be used of course depends on the type of business. Ultimately, it all depends on your business model. The type of offers you advertise should match your brand strategy and message and indeed a trial and error will probably need to be done in the early stages as you work out how best to achieve the goals of each of your campaigns (Weekly, monthly and quarterly offers, Seasonal offers).

->Engagement Increase Targeted:

->Offers for Social Media Sharing

A strategic move to promote your brand is to offer anyone who visits your website a discount coupon to share or u201clikeu201d your website on his/her social networks.

->Abandon Cart Offers

Schedule an email to be sent to customers who abandon their cart before completing the purchase. The message will contain a code that gives the customer a certain percentage discount if their order is completed.

->Customer Loyalty Offers

Rewarding your loyal customers is a great way to further establish your reputation. Personal contact is always better in such cases and can be achieved by sending your best customers a direct email with a credit or discount code that will evoke positive impressions and feelings. Customer loyalty programs can also be created using apps and are a great way in any case to identify who your best customers are and build their demographic and geographic profiles.