Topic 2 Main definitions in the field of marketing

A marketing strategy is a general document, indicating the direction of marketing activities. It’s a guide, an instruction manual for a given business, which includes information about its strengths and weaknesses, the strategic business goals it has to achieve, a description of its customers, and the direction of its activities. The marketing strategy also includes the tactics and tools through which these goals will be achieved.

A marketing campaign, on the other hand, is defined as the tools that are used to achieve the goals of a marketing strategy. Marketing campaigns are one-time or long-term activities, conducted online and offline, focusing on two areas: branding or sales.

Marketing goals allow implementation of the marketing strategy in a consistent and effective way. They contribute to the company’s revenue growth and also improve the quality of those involved in marketing activities. Setting marketing goals will vary at different operational levels. Other goals will be for the marketing strategy, others for the marketing campaign, and other goals for the operational marketing activities.

Content is King, but Marketing is Queen and the Queen runs the household.

Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VaynerMedia, a pioneer in digital marketing

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