Topic 2 Social media

The issue that is crucial when selecting social channels is, of course, the preferences of your target audience. At this stage, therefore, it is worth asking yourself the following questions: what channels do my potential customers use? What characteristics do they have? What age are they? What kind of content is interesting to them?

With Facebook, you can reach precisely targeted groups, achieve clearly defined goals, build organic reach and constantly optimise your ads. Facebook is considered the backbone of any advertising strategy, which is why it is the recommended channel for the vast majority of companies looking to start marketing efforts.

Instagram is, next to Facebook and YouTube, the most popular social network in the world. When it comes to marketing campaigns on Instagram, this medium is ideal for the lifestyle, food and e-commerce industries. The opportunities to reach potential buyers are enormous in this regard, as long as the activities are carried out in a thoughtful way.

TikTok is a relatively young tool, but in a short time it has reached the heights of popularity around the world. It is a platform dedicated primarily to young users, and its advertising capabilities are truly impressive. You can attract new customers in an extremely creative and effective way, and TikTok’s algorithm allows you to reach your target audience extremely precisely and build engagement among them!

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform, which is owned by video giant Google. As such, it has almost perfect algorithms that provide endless possibilities for targeting customers. The site is used by almost every internet user, and a consistently implemented YouTube strategy is a recipe for success for any brand that wants to significantly support sales and build a strong image among consumers. Importantly, advertising messages here can be not only in video form, but also static and dynamic.