Topic 1 Benefits of WordPress

  • In the year 2022, your digital store is more or equally important than your physical store for your business. The most important aspect to have a digital presence is to have a fully functional and interactive website.
  • So, the first step to have full exposure to all possible clients is to create a user-friendly website. Lately, customers interact with your brand through the website first, so creating a good impression is a must.


How do you do it?

  • When it comes to creating a website, entrepreneurs look up to WordPress. Around 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

So, what is the reason that WordPress has captured the web designing market rather than any other available platform?

  • WordPress is a platform that anyone can use to build a website. Creating a professional-looking site that is well-designed needs an expert.
  • WordPress is the most popular site builder and it is beneficial for SMBs.
  • Launched in 2003 and originally designed with blog sites in mind, WordPress is now among the top web content management software for non-blogging websites.