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Module 6: How to Build a Website

    Learning Objectives

    Welcome to the Module 6: How to Build a Website!

    The purpose of this module is to familiarize the trainees with the techniques of creating a website. The trainees, after consolidating the specific thematic unit, will be able to use modern environments for the creation of web pages. In addition, they will be able to achieve individual improvement, as they will broaden their horizons in matters of new technologies and IT, an improvement of their position in the workplace since they will now be able to create websites related to their profession and a more general participation in modern technological and social development.

    By completing the study of this module, you will be able to:

    ✔know the characteristics of modern websites and have a satisfactory and working knowledge of the environments and techniques for developing, maintaining, publishing, and generally managing websites,

    ✔understand the basic terminology of tools and services for creating and managing websites and (relatively small) websites,

    ✔know the tools that are most suitable for managing them,

    ✔have at least a familiarity with the technical, economic, aesthetic, ethical and social issues raised by the creation and publication of websites.