Topic 1 Worldwide Connectivity

Nowadays, people are connected with social media updating information and uploading photographs.

Whether you are searching for a former college roommate, your first-grade teacher, or an international friend, social media is the easiest and fastest way to connect.

Social media tools are an integral part of rural communities’ lives today.

Rural youths growing up in a constantly connected society, especially rural children, always have plenty of hope for their forthcoming lives to change society people’s attitudes, perceptions, psychology and culture, etc.

This is why it’s so fundamental for youth workers to realize the importance of social media utilization, locally and across the world.

Salkowitz opines that three forces are reshaping the world of the 21st century:


Moreover, Media is the most effective tool to bring awareness in society, whether it be social,  cultural, or economic.

In general, for youngsters, the exchange and comments must come from friends and people they know rather than strangers. This indicates that photo comments are about having one’s outer exterior acknowledged (identity construction) and practicing and maintaining friendships.