Topic 4 Events – inclusive participation in community events

Community events highlight local priorities of small and rural towns, such as preserving community character, supporting social interactions, and expanding local vibrancy.

With adequate planning and collaboration and thanks to digital promotion, community events can connect all residents and encourage physical activity while celebrating a community’s unique character.

Organizing groups can boost participation by hosting events in different neighborhoods and increasing access to temporary walkable spaces in communities lacking accessible everyday destinations.

Communities may also support small businesses contributing to community events by integrating educational and recreational opportunities.

What are the resources of your area that could be enhanced with an event?

The events and festivals aimed to target the local people, not just tourists, are essential to building communities and influencing life quality and well-being.

As the focus was the social-cultural impacts, seven categories were used (Rátz, 1999) to analyze these local aspects:

  1. The quality of locals’ lives
  2. Change and enlargement of employment structures
  3. Change of value-system
  4. Development of individual, family, and social relationship
  5. Expression of creativity
  6. Local community organizations
  7. Change and preservation of traditions