Topic 3 Imagery – Methods for getting started


An InstaMeet is a way for people in the Instagram community to meet one another and take photos around their city together.

How to participate: To join an InstaMeet, try typing in #instameet in search and find your town or city (e.g., #instameetparis).

  • Once you’ve found your city’s InstaMeet, help spread the word on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else you can.
  • Join other Instagrammers on your city’s meet-up day, get inspired, and make new friends.

Ideas for your meet-up

  • Photowalk: Pick a route in your city and spend an hour or two snapping photos with other Instagrammers.
  • Scavenger hunt: The NYC Instagram crew organised a photo scavenger hunt. Over 50 people participated, snapping photos of everything from “someone eating a hot dog” to “five or more strangers in a conga line.”

Spread the word
Ask others to share: After you’ve posted your announcement, encourage others to reshare the image with their followers (after you post the photo, tap on iPhone or on Android above the photo to copy the Share URL, and then paste that URL in a comment on your photo).

Imagery - Methods for getting started : Hometown Showdown

Hometown Showdown is a photo challenge that encourages people to compare and contrast their current cities or childhood homes. Participants receive a series of challenges and must produce a photo that fits each category.

We recommend giving out a weekly prompt and running the hunt as an ongoing team-building activity.

Here are some example prompts ->

This exercise allows teammates to get to know each other more personally and gives a glimpse into the surrounding environments. 

Imagery – Methods for getting started:  #BeyondEYY

#BeyondEYY is a Social Media competition. To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Record your vision on the Youth Voice Platform – if you haven’t done so. Publish an Instagram Story on your account using the pre-designed template from the European Youth account and share how you would implement your idea.
  2. Think outside of the box! The sky’s the limit! Find the template on European_youth_eu Instagram accounts on their IG Stories or in the highlights of the account.
  3. Challenge a friend to do the same. 
  4. Add a link to the Youth Voice Platform on your template for your followers to go to the platform -> 
  5. 5.Stay tuned to see if you won!