Topic 2 Find your talent

As a content creator it is important to find what you like to present, communicate and interact with your audience about.

It is a process that requires passion, patience, and hard work. It is necessary to identify what works and grows in insight but more important as a creator.

Four effective exercise practices for content creators

  • Stay informed: depends on thematic area you choose to create content you need to stay informed. For example if you are planning to review technological oriented content such as review smartphones, you should stay informed for the latest demands of the market, technical skills etc.
  • write, write, write: The more you practice writing and generating content ideas. Ideally spend 10-15 daily writing ideas for content including the information you collect from the previous step.
  • find your voice: establish your own style on how you create and communicate your content.
  • be curious: A lot of time and energy goes into the research required for effective content writing, reading, planning, google etc

15 Habits of Successful Content Creators

  1. Write Regularly
  2. Learn to say no to impossible deadlines (and avoid topics you’re unfamiliar with)
  3. Establish your voice
  4. Identify and get to know your target audience
  5. Ask the client for clarification
  6. Exceed Expectations
  7. Remain Curious
  8. Know how to research
  9. Understand and measure KPIs
  10. Stay up to date with the latest marketing trends
  11. Review the final piece
  12. Share other creators’ work
  13. Know how to sell yourself
  14. Network
  15. Maintain a blog
  16. Frequently Asked Questions (Molenaar, 2023)