Topic 3 Platforms

  • Stream your creation on specific platforms such as Spotify, or Apple Music and add them to the social media playlists, you need to meet the requirements of the platforms as an independent artist/ creator.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Artist (musician)

  • To upload your content on music platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, etc., you need to register and be verified as a creator or artist under a label of your choice.
  • Choosing a label to distribute your content is mandatory for these platforms.
  • They inform you about the requirements and provide tools and experts to support you to improve the quality of your creation.

Spotify for artists

List of providers:

  • Graphic designer: if you can not find a graphic designer for your album, Spotify for Artists provides you with a catalog of graphic designers to help you with a specific cost.
  • Each label has a list of experts to create your own CD album or a vinyl album, customizing the size and the number of copies.
  • Claim your royalties based on streaming time.
  • You can verify your channel through your label in Spotify for artist website on application, monitoring and controlling your profile.



  • It is an online platform that allows uploading, presenting, distributing, and setting a price for your music and podcasts
  • Bandcamp provides the opportunity to communicate directly with your fans/customers and set a price for your creations.
  • The following videos provide

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