Topic 3 Generating ideas


  • Artist: musician or any kind of artist;
  • Podcast (review of products/interviews/professional level);
  • Travel blogger/Promote rural heritage.

Artist (musician)

  • For this purpose, provide a real-life example describing what a musician could do to communicate his/her creation.
  • An artist is a kind of creative person that would like to express thoughts and feelings through art based on talent and skills.
  • The digital world provides tools and platforms to share your song or melodies at less cost compared to the past.
  • A few years ago, recording your music required a music studio and a massive budget for musicians, sound engineers, etc.
  • In addition, you can increase your audience by creating a cover of popular songs.

Artist youtube channel guidelines


Ideas for podcast content creation are the following options:

  • Interviews: a lot of people create a podcast based on interviewing others. This provides a wide range of themes for your product and targets a wide audience.
  • Reviewing product: people with expertise or passion in telecommunications create videos reviewing products, such as smartphones, smartwatches, and electronic devices.
  • Thematic podcast: you can create videos or podcasts based on the area of your expertise.

Podcast Basics

Travel Blogger/promote rural heritage:

  • Travel blogger/promote rural heritage: many channels on YouTube present or discuss their experience in rural areas as a concept of travel guidelines and info.
  • In addition, you can create content from your local community. Creating videos for activities you can do in a specific place, with recommendations for places to visit, always attracts the audience.