Topic 1 Apps and tools

There are many applications and tools for video editing. Some of them and especially the more advance require a subscription, but you can edit your video using the standard version.

The following slides present free editing applications for video editing.


  • Inshot’s standard version allows the user to use the basic editing tools, such as audio level, and replace the audio with a soundtrack or effects.
  • It provides inputs such as stickers, textbox, animation, crop, and filters.
  • It can be used for both, video and image editing.
  • Available for export your video in 4K(if your device can capture in 4k) and modify the canvas of your video based on social media requirements.


  • CapCut specify on video editing.
  • Provides effects for video editing such as text, stickers, and audio
  • Features(text,stickers and audio effects)

Platforms for video production

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook


  • YouTube has an application for creators, where you can edit, upload, and improve the quality of your video. YouTube has three different options for video creation: length video, live streaming, and shorts.
  • Instagram: Instagram provides the tools, such as filters, text and stickers for your video. It allows you also to create live-streaming videos and short videos(reels).
  • TikTok: TikTok offers templates to capture videos, or create a video based on a series of images and photos or combine them.

Creating videos using platforms

The following slides present the video captured by a smartphone, without editing. Then using an editing application to improve the quality of our content.

Improving quality of your content improve the insights on a variety of platforms.  Youtube for example recommend the videos with high quality thumbnails.

Without editing

Using editing application

Create a YouTube Video:

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Create a TikTok Video :

Guidelines for TikTok videos

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Instagram platform(video creation)

Creating an Instagram Video

  • Instagram has 4 different types of video: live streaming, stories, reels, and video posts.
  • Live-streaming will appear as a post when you stop the live-streaming process. You can create live streaming by inviting people to be guests.
  • For every story Instagram allows you to upload up to 15 seconds of an image or video recording. You can use a filter, text, tag people and mentioning the location before publishing it.
  • Video posts: posting length videos: editing the caption, mentioning the location, and tagging people.

Creating an Instagram Video

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