Topic 3 Creating your own studio

Creating a place where you can record and edit your own video content is not as expensive and complicated as it was.

The following slides will present the basic equipment to establish your own studio and be able to create your own content based on face-to-face interviews with an expert.

From theory to practice

The availability and affordability of new technologies had increased and allowed an innovative revolution in different sectors of society(Blacer-Bacolod, 2022). In the past, only professionals such as videographers and photographers used green screens but improvements and capabilities of mobile devices in recording, capturing, and usage of video editing platforms, provide everyone the opportunity to use green screens for creative content(Shieh, Hu, & Wu, 2016).

Use of Green Screen:

  • Green screen allows the user to record in the studio and then replace the background with a preferable picture, logo, or image.
  • From a technical point of view users should avoid wearing clothes will the same color as the green screen.
  • Equipment that you wish not to appear in your video should be removed(chair, desk, equipment etc)
  • Your camera should capture in the frame of a green screen
  • Lights should be bright and not directly in front of the camera.

The reality 

Green screen magic


With the rapid increase of video production for a variety of platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram, there is more and more equipment that can improve the quality of your content for both image, video, and audio. The basic equipment to create video requires a camera/ smartphone, microphone, tripod, and lights.

Either a mobile device or a camera could be used as a recording tool. Defining the recording tool is much easier to extend the capabilities of the device with external equipment but is crucial to identify the adaptability of the external microphone, tripod and lights based on the device we use.

For example, differentiate the inputs or outputs on their devices, IOS and Android devices uses different cables to connect your phones, or the lates product are not compatible with the oldest generation jack for audio recording devices. Investigate the uniqueness of your device will save you time and money.

Essential Video Equipment

Useful equipment for your smartphone