Topic 4 Capture the moment

Moreover, an alternative option for your video content and production could be outdoors. Most of the recommended equipment we introduce on the previous topic is suitable also for an outdoor recording session.

Furthermore, compared to the studio recording, the outdoors recording process faces limitation and boundaries, such as weather, light, noise etc.

Type of recording

Type of recording Home studio Outdoors


With the right equipment, the audio will be perfect.

It is mandatory to use audio recording equipment.


Needs to find the angle for the lights to improve the quality of your video

Unfortunately, the weather can make the recording more difficult,


Using a tripod for your camera/ smartphone, allows you to have a more stable video, hands-free to express yourself.

The tripod could be used as an additional stabilizer for your video(some smartphones have an AI stabilizer). It offers better handling for your smartphone, safety and a better capture angle.u00a0