Topic 2 Structure to create video content

(Growth Tribe , 2022)

Creating Content:

There are fundamental  principles when you create content(ARABIAN, 2022):

  • Be a storyteller: People used to watch videos that appeal to their emotions or bring value to the viewer, such as information, education, and entertainment.
  • Mobile-friendly: most people use smartphones to watch videos. If you are content doesn’t suit the template of the platform will decrease the performance of your video. For example, YouTube studio categorized your views based on the devices(smartphone, computer etc)
  • Tailor your video to each social media platform: customize your video based on the platform you post. Each platform has it own algorithm based on the type and the length of the video.
  • Work on an interesting title and thumbnail: keywords in your title will reach more audiences. In addition, the thumbnail should have a high-resolution and attractive image. All the platforms allow you to choose and edit your video.
  • Engage the viewer in the first few seconds: for each viewer, you have a few seconds to attract them. Explain what the video is about and encourage the viewers to watch until the end for a purpose.
  • Don’t forget the Call-to-Actions(CTA): don’t forget to ask them politely for an action such as subscribe, like and ask for their opinion.
  • Your Marketing Materials: such as using Search Engine Optimization, keywords etc.
  • Be informative
  • Choose quality products to create videos: cameras, the editing application, microphones etc.
  • Target the relevant audience.