Topic 3 From the destination branding to the destination marketing

If the destination branding is what we want people to know, the destination marketing is the way or tool that we chose in order to communicate our branding (more on “Difference between Destination Branding and Destination Marketing” and on our module about “Marketing of Local Heritage”).

In the previous modules, we talked about social media marketing and the different tips and strategies to consider. Here, however, we will talk specifically about the differences between three of the most widely used social media (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) in order to be able to understand which one is best suited to our objectives and the audience we want to reach.

If you want to refresh your video and graphics creation skills
and tools, before continuing this module go back to the ones
about graphic design and video content and production.

* By ‘defining your voice’ we mean finding our values and what we want to convey on our social channels.

** More information in the digital strategies module