Topic 5 Instagram

According to Statista (Statista 2023), Instagram is the fourth most prominent social media by monthly active users (2 million)  after Facebook, YouTube, and Whatsapp.

Instagram - public

Among the most used social media with 1478 monthly active users (Statista 2023), who are primarily young, Instagram is a suitable social media if you want to talk to young people aged 18 to 24 or so, while it is not recommended for older age groups (Statista 2023)

Instagram - practical tools

On Instagram, you can first edit and upload photos and short videos and add a little caption, hashtags, locations, and music to them.

You can share them as posts or as stories.

Instagram - Feed or stories?

How to choose?

  • They occupy a smaller portion of the screen
  • They are always visible on the feed
  • They can be edited with filters and other tools such as adjusting exposure, contrast, temperature etc.
  • Fullscreen
  • remain visible for 24 hours (unless you put them in featured stories)
  • You can add stickers, emoji, GIFs, polls, music, more photos, questions, etc. (more on the following slides)

Transversal tools for Instagram and Facebook - Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite is a tool that first and foremost, allows you to link your Facebook and Instagram pages into a single platform. Still, it is also beneficial, for example to:

  • instantly publish and schedule posts and stories
  • monitor already published content and posts
  • use insights*
  • watch the time of most activity on the page
  • create postings

source: Meta Business Suite