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Reasearch phase

A need analysis focused on the digital marketing skills of young people, especially NEETs living in the rural areas has been carried out in order to develop effective training material for this target group.

A common questionnaire has circulated in all partner countries and inteviews have been made to allow young people to make their voice heard.

E-learning platform development and test

The YSO platform will provide target groups and stakeholders with a common space, tools and resources to obtain knowledge and practical experience related to the issues regarding rural heritage, sustainability, marketing strategies in rural areas and digital marketing skills.

Ideation Labs

Participants to the training phase will put into practice the acquired skills and collaborate in the design of one or more territorial digital marketing strategies.

The best promotional idea to valorize terriotires will be selected to be further developed.

Elaboration of policy recommendations

The project empowerment process, started with the improvement of skills and then further developed through an active participatory moment will reach its completion through the creation of Policy recommendations.
Mainstreaming the results and local ideas and initiatives will allow young people to trigger a real change both at local and European level.

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YSO awareness days

Multiplier events will be organized in all partner countries with te aim of promoting the project activities implemented so far; raising awareness on the importance of empowering young people, especially NEETs living in rural reas; reaching the target group in order to motivate and involve them in the training activities and ideation labs.