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Research Results (PR1)

English Executive Summary

Polish Executive Summary

Italian Executive Summary

German Executive Summary

French Executive Summary

Research analysis: social media marketing skills in rural areas and best practices

Final report, jointly developed by all partners, that compares and conceptualizes the main results of baseline studies, containing specific suggestions and guidelines for the development of a practical training toolkit and providing a comprehensive overview of thr main barriers for NEETs in rural areas in the European context.

Training of trainers toolkit on social media marketing skills for the promotion of rural heritage

Training material for youth workers to widespread, both in the short and long term, new knowledge and skills through participatory methodologies, tested to increase the empowerment of youth in disadvantaged areas, such as community based development or community driven development model.

Policy recommendations

Set of Policy Recommendations coupled with operative guidelines, declined for 3 different target groups (decision makers, practitioners/stakeholders and general public), transnationally validated through specific focus groups. The short version of the document is available in 6 languages!

Ideation Labs videos

Promotional videos, produced by different partners to share their own Ideation Labs experience!