Topic 1 Introduction

An e-Shop is an online shopping website owned and operated by a Company in which a User or Purchaser may acquire Goods from the Company via the internet. Online stores are points of promotion and sale of goods via the Internet and are among the category “business to consumer” (B2C) digital sales model.

The online store is the most well-known business model which consists of the online marketing of the company or the store to promote products and services. Among other benefiting outcomes of its function, the company’s electronic presence on a global level as well as the creation of new channels for the promotion and sale of its products are ensured.

Additionally, communication channels with customers and other businesses arise, making their contact to the company even stronger and more direct. Concerning the inventory management and the distribution (transportation and delivery) of products, automated procedures can be adopted and contribute to cost savings for the company, extending to the customer himself.

Online Store Features