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Transnational survey completed

    After 4 months of work, the research phase has come to an end!

    A need analysis focused on the digital marketing skills of young people, especially NEETs, living in the rural areas has been carried out in order to better develop effective training material. Partners collected information through questionnaires and interviewed an overall of 25 young people, giving them the opportunity to make their voices heard.

    Directly listening to the beneficiaries of the project has been extremely positive for partner organizations, that could gain a very deep understanding and awareness of the interests, difficulties and competences of youngsters in the field of digital marketing skills.

    A research report will be soon available on the website showing analyzed data and most important findings. Such a document, will constitute the main pillar for the development of You.Stand.Out training material.

    Want to learn more about the project implementation? Stay tuned!!

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