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Glocal pill

    Red pill: you live in an urban area. Pay your (expensive) rent, breath a lot of smog and don’t lose your earphones, because you’ll need them in your 30 minutes for 4 km way to your office. 

    Blue pill: you live in a rural area. Prepare yourself: no country for young men (and women). You shall have no other job before the farmer one. 

    But are there only red and blue pills? Thankfully we don’t live in the Matrix movie, and we can think about a purple pill to join the youth’s needs, that a lot of times are satisfied only at the time of moving to a big city.  
    If we conceive the “glocal” concept as adjusting to the rural areas’ needs the practices already implemented in a big city, creating our purple pill consists in discover what are the things that people from rural areas look for when they move out and adapting it to the rural situation to at least reduce the phenomenon.  

    Understanding the lacks is useful also to understand if they can really be filled moving to a big town: is it really useful if we want to leave our parents’ house and be independent? Or, maybe, once we did it, we need our parents’ help because of the price of rent and life? How will our quality-of-life change?  

    We want to rethink the life in rural areas, and you? 

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