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Rurality at the Center -Dieciminuti Film Festival (Italy)

    Are you really sure that cultural events are the prerogative of big cities?

    What if we told you that Ceccano, a small town in central Italy, once a year becomes international? Well, yes! Every year in March in Ceccano there is the Dieciminuti Film Festival: a short films festival organized by the guys of the Indiegesta Cultural Promotion Association. It was born in 2001 and so far it has hosted film workers from European and non-European countries (Iran, South Africa, Colombia, Canada, USA and others). 

    How did it come about?

    We have to thank the Simpsons! In one episode, Marge, after seeing that in the ranking of the most livable cities in America Springfield was among the last, decided to create a film festival to bring culture and aggregative events to her city.  
    It was after seeing that episode that Alessandro Ciotoli, the artistic director of the Festival, thought: « Why not try to do the same? » 

    Not just film 
    The distinguishing factor of the DFF (which is often the same as in rural areas) is the familiarity of the setting. In fact, the festival does not just take place inside the cinema hall, but extends to trips taken together to visit neighboring towns, a lunch or dinner with friends or to a drink at a local bar continues after viewing the shorts. People take back the town, guests get to know it through contact with locals, and new bonds are forged in a suburban setting that once a year makes even those from the opposite side of the world feel at home. Isn’t that enough? Collaborations with agencies that provide advertising materials, hotels, restaurants and other venues bring not insignificant revenue to Ceccano. 

    Are you curious about what the guests think about it?
    Watch the video and visit the site to know more about it 😊 

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