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Christmas stories : our Christmas format 

    How about you? Do you know a Christmas tradition from some rural area? 

    We for the Christmas period created a special format on facebook and instagram to collect some! We got to know the Christmas markets in Kells (Ireland), the nativity scene in Sutri (Italy), Christmas decorations in Polish parks made by citizens and many others collected from our partner organisations Meath Partnership (Ireland), Quality Culture (Italy), Tandem plus (France), Rezos Brands (Greece), CSI (Cyprus), Polish farm Advisory (Poland), and NGO Nest (Germany).  

    Our intention is always to give a voice to young people who live outside the big cities, so that they can make their area, their traditions and what is closest to their hearts known, and at this time we decided to do this with a Christmas theme asking them what people do in their town. 

    What do you think? Did you like the idea?  

    If you too would like to tell us your Christmas story, you can write us until 6 January (in Italy they say that « l’epifania tutte le feste porta via »: epiphany takes all holidays away). What are you waiting for ? 

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