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Thematic Group on Rural Youth Employment: the Voice of Rural Youth

    EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Network is a forum, in line with the Regulation of the European Parliament, through which information flows about agriculture and rural policy within the EU is optimized.

    The Network, in order to develop and share knowledge on different themes related to the CAP, brings together stakeholders from the European Network for Rural Development (including the Evaluation Helpdesk) and EIP-AGRI, and welcomes new stakeholders.

    In February 2023, new thematic groups focusing on the implementation of CAP strategic plans, forestry and rural youth, were announced to be launched within the next few weeks, through the Network. Among them, one of these new EU CAP Network Thematic Groups, facilitated by the CAP Implementation Contact Point, will take a holistic approach in exploring the mechanisms to support employment of rural young people, considering developments on the rural job market, ongoing global trends, but also relevant policies and available tools, initiatives and funds.

    The main objective of this Thematic Group is to explore various approaches to developing sustainable and high-quality rural jobs accessible to young people, and thereby inform relevant policies. 

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