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European Youth Goals

    What are they?
    They are goals that originated after the “EU Youth Dialogue – Youth in Europe: What’s next” in 2017/2018 and are part of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027.
    The young people participating in the Dialogue drew up a set of goals that were useful for understanding what young Europeans need today

    Let’s get to know them!
    There are 11 objectives and they are:

    1. Connecting EU with Youth
    2. Equality of All Genders
    3. Inclusive Societies
    4. Information & Constructive Dialogue
    5. Mental Health & Wellbeing
    6. Moving Rural Youth Forward
    7. Quality Employment for All
    8. Quality Learning
    9. Space and Participation for All
    10. Sustainable Green Europe
    11. Youth Organisations & European Programmes

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