Topic 1 Introduction

Storytelling is basically the art of telling stories. It has always been there, since people understood how to communicate with each other (and this happened by visual storytelling way before the oral tradition).
By relating to stories, we learn new things about other people, worlds and ourselves, too. The empathy process that stories put in practice is an effective mechanism on which to count when we want to communicate our ideas and topics to other people.

Storytelling has become even more important in our world because of the quantity of information and content we get  everyday. For this reason it is very important to understand how to find the right words and media for our story, and create relevant content to reach the audience we are interested in talking to.

Storytelling is a powerful topic and method to engage communities and in particular youngsters. Storytelling is interactive, it activates the imaginations of both listeners and speakers and it is an opportunity to create emotional connection. To create a narrative together is also an effective method to create a sense of community between people, helping to create connections and a shared sense of belonging to a common story.

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