Topic 2 How we used to tell stories vs How we tell stories

The formats through which we tell and listen to a story have changed a lot throughout the years.
The letter, for instance, has been a media for telling a story for decades.. but now has become an almost outdated media.

Other media, like radio or television, have evolved and changed: the way we listen to the radio or watch TV shows seem completely different now – as they are increasingly streamed online on various devices. Also newspapers and magazines have changed a lot due to the encompassing effects of the so-called digital revolution or digitalization.

Lots of the media we use on a daily basis has just been born recently. Like TV series, streaming services for movies and music, and of course social media platforms. We are now accustomed to reading e-books or listening to podcasts, while going to the cinema has become something we do for the joy of it, not because it is any longer the only way to watch a movie. 

As we can see, narratives, media and platforms change, same as we do – they evolve and at some time disappear. But what can we learn from media from the past? How can we integrate them in our narration and how can we innovate them?
This question might evoke interesting topics and can be used to engage intergenerational communities in activities about storytelling.