Topic 1 Introduction

Digital platforms are a powerful media to tell our stories or to give more resonance to them.
Digital storytelling has quickly become a big part of how we experience stories and contents.

Digital storytelling can be a powerful tool as it permits us to reach a wide audience and be performed on media that are accessible to almost everyone. The reach of our story is potentially bigger, but is important to understand which are the right media for our audience and how our language can be adapted on them.

Digital storytelling is also one of the cheapest way to tell stories, as it does not need big productions and budgets for the content to be created. Of course a little experience is needed to create a product that could be appetible for our audience, but the space for experimentation and learning is wider.

Of course, it needs to be noted that the digital platforms work on an economic system based on advertisements and algorithm, for this reason to reach big performances, a digital marketing strategy also needs to be implemented.
Even if it will lead to a higher number of performances, it is possible to reach good results without having to invest so much money on the advertisement but by planning a good storytelling strategy for a focused target. //