Topic 2 What is a story about?- Hero’s journey

A story is a means of transferring information, experiences or points of view. Every story has a teller and a listener, for this reason it is always important to have in mind who is speaking (tone of voice) and who is listening (audience).

There are several tools to create an effective story, the most common and useful one is “The Hero’s Journey” – which is basically the narrative structure of most of our stories (from epics to novels, from movies to series).
The Hero’s Journey is a narrative structure based on 12 steps which our heroes need to go through in order to reach their goal. To achieve the mission, the hero will go through different steps and challenges, having to deal with allies and enemies and needing to find solutions in order to go from the ordinary world (where the action starts) to the extraordinary world (where the challenges are) and come back changed and grown.

How to use The Hero’s Journey as an interactive activity?
Write each step on paper and position them on the floor creating a circle. The group will decide who is gonna play the main character, the enemy, and the ally of the story. The enemy and the ally take position on the steps of the story that relate to them. The group will now reflect on each step of the story, making the main character move from step 1 to step 12 thanks to the actions happening in the story.

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