Topic 3 Target

We need to keep our listeners in mind at every stage of the story creation, making sure we use the right language, formats and media to engage them.  Please note that visual images are also a language and need to be coherent with our speaker and our story.

A reflection on the best platforms needs to be done:  Where do we find our audience? Which are the specific tools of the platform that are most used by our audience? (e.g. Instagram stories? Tweets? Facebook events?)

When we talk about digital storytelling, the target analysis is also important to understand the right dissemination strategy.
When we think of social platforms, it is useful to analyse the engagement habits of our audience: this way we can post our content at the most engaging time and gain more reach for our stories and contents.

Some useful elements to know about our audience:

  • In which day/hours is our audience more active?
  • Which format of contents do engage them more?

**this data can be found thanks to the insights
of the social platforms