Topic 3 Designing Brand identity

Brand identity is the way you make people feel about something when they’re looking at it. You can use it to create a sense of belonging for your project.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Personality: Who are you? What’s your personality like? What does your brand look like? Do you have a sense of humor? Best practice: you are not your audience, try to listen to them and not to yourself.
  • Tone of voice: How do you want people to feel when they interact with your brand on social media? Is it playful? Serious? Can the tone be playful without being annoying or distracting? Best practice: do not overstate!
  • Colour palette: What colours do they use in their logo and other branding materials? Does it match up with how they want their audience to feel when they see them (and vice versa)? Best practice: set a primary colour, a secondary colour and a neutral colour and use them according to the 60,30,10 rule.
  • Logo: Is it simple and easy to remember so that users don’t get confused as they scroll through their newsfeeds or Instagram feeds? Best practice: keep it simple and readable. If you are not able to distinguish all the details when you proportionally reduce the size to a 5 cents coin, then you need to simplify.