Topic 4 Defining goals and strategy

A social media strategy is the process of choosing specific channels, such as Facebook or Instagram, and setting goals for each channel.

The objective of a social media strategy is to reach a certain audience that you want to reach.

For example, if you want to reach high school students interested in video games, you could choose to use TikTok because it’s popular among teens and has an option for gaming content. Another example is if you wanted to increase the engagement of teenagers about environmental issues, you might consider using Instagram because it’s known for having more influencers than other platforms.

With the right channel, you can then create a specific goal for your strategy: for example, “increase engagement by 5%”, or “get 100 new followers”.

As soon as you have defined your objective and chosen the right channel, it’s time to create content! You can involve someone who has influence in this field—for example a local influencer who cares about environmental issues—to help increase your visibility.