Topic 1 Introduction

Welcome to Local Heritage!

In this section you will learn what local heritage means, it’s importance, and some ideas that could be incorporated into marketing strategies, as well as skills and tips for digital and social media marketing.

What is Local Heritage?

Local heritage varies across different countries, nationalities, religions, races and ethnicities. It is our legacy from the past, to value and enjoy in the present, and to preserve and pass on to future generations.

Our local heritage can be made up of the following elements:

❖Natural; refers to landscapes, wildlife, mountains, forests, waterways, animals, etc.

❖Tangible; these are historical sites, buildings, monuments, objects in museums, artefacts and archives.

❖Intangible; these are the customs, traditions, values, skills, crafts, folklore, sports, music, dance, etc.

The above elements of our local heritage, including all of the related legends, myths and fables, enable us to better understand our ancestors and makes us unique in our cultural diversity.