Topic 3 The Importance of Local Heritage

Heritage is important because it helps to shape our identity, and gives others a sense of who we are and where we have come from. It also provides an awareness of our customs and traditions and highlights our priorities and values. Our local heritage offers an insight into our past and is evident in how our society has evolved. It allows us to better understand our traditions and our history, providing us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and why we are how we are. Heritage is the basis of our culture, and this impacts and influences our society, politics, how we conduct business, and our world views and policies.

It is vital that we preserve our heritage for the upcoming generations. It is also important to utilise our heritage in the present. Preserving, maintaining and enhancing our heritage can be crucial for local economic development and innovation in tourism, agriculture, entertainment, education and local business in general.

The local heritage of many countries is world-renowned and attracts visitors from all across the globe. The tourism industry often brings large investments to local economies, with tourists spending money on entertainment and in local shops, restaurants, and other businesses within the locality.

In Ireland, cultural tourism and activity holidays are the most popular of Irish tourism sectors among tourists. The quality of Irish agricultural produce is based on natural heritage, which relies on healthy ecosystems for the safety of food and fresh, clean water.

Our local heritage is an important part of who we are and where we have come from, but it is fragile and needs constant protection and development by local people and governing bodies to ensure that we can pass it on, undamaged, to generations to come.